Monday, June 6, 2016

Three Families

Well, It`s elections week here in Peru. They chose a new president. It`s been very interesting to contact the people in the street as they all talk about politicts and ask for who we`d be voting for. We laughed and explained that we aren`t from around here and don`t vote in Peru. I think the quote this week would be from numerous people we talk with who all seemed to say, ``The churches these days are like political parties``. I think of that and instantly think of a scripture in 3 nephi 11 where is says that contention is not of the spirti. We`re so lucky to know that true religion isn`t just a political group trying to convince the others that their way is the right way, but that God himself has a perfect plan and that it can`t be frustrated.

 We`re very excited for the three familes that we are teaching. The first is Maria and Abel who are SO close to getting married. Just a little bit more and their ready! The second family are Joicy and Omar. Samuel and Jannely, Recent Converts that got married in January, introduced us to Joicy and Omar. Joicy is so anxious to come to church with her husband and get married and is willing to keep at it until she encourages him to do so. Samuel and Jannely also introduced us to Saul and Katlin. They`ve been to the church a few times together and are married. Saul was Samuel`s companion in high school, and Katlin was Jannely`s friend when they were little kids. Their son was born at the same time as Samuel and Jannely`s son also! We`ll be working with these three families this week. Thank you for your prayers for the people here in Puerto Maldonado. I know that there are people that need this Gospel and only the participents know where to find and share it. I am thankful for the Gospel. I love you MOM and DAD and FAMILY!! Have a great week!!! 

Elder Jeffery

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