Monday, June 13, 2016

``I`ve learned that God lives, and that Jesus Christ really did pay for my sins.``

This week we had our last interviews with President Harbertson. It was sad for everyone that he`s leaving. He taught us about our testimonies. He showed us that our testimonies are like an hour glass when the sand drops constantly. In this world of constant opposition our testimonies are always gradually falling, but we can always add more to our testimony so that we never loose it. Sister Harbertson asked me what I felt I had learned most in my mission. I thought about the question for a good while, looked up at her and said, ``I`ve learned that God lives, and that Jesus Christ really did pay for my sins.`` She smiled and said that in the mission, we have many opportunities to share our testimony and we see it grow. But, after the mission there won`t be as many. So, she invited me to share my testimony to myself every day after the mission so that I keep growing in my faith. The slogan of our mission is, ``Vaya S.O.L.O.`` or in English it`s ``Go with the P.R.O.S.`` Pray. Read. Obey. Serve. It`s a decision that we need to take every day. If we don`t Go with the pros, we will not grow spiritually every day. I am committed to Go with the pros every day for the rest of my life! I`m so sorry, but I am out of time and have to Go! But it`s been a great week and I`ll send pictures soon, it`s just that my SD card has viruses and I need to clean it. Have a great week MOM and FAMILY!!! HAVE A GREAT TRIP TO KENYA ANGELYN!!!! 

Elder Jeffery

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