Monday, June 27, 2016

"We are seeing many blessings"

We are seeing many blessing in our sector!! My companion and I are just thrilled!! Maria and Abel have decided to get married officially on July 4th! We turned their marriage papers in today and Abel and his two children will be getting baptized on July 9th. We are very excited for them and am very thankful for your prayers in their behalf. 

Today I want to share an experience that helped me receive a stronger testimony of the Holy Ghost. In the scriptures it says that the Holy Ghost will help us remember all things. Gloria has been an investiagator for a few months and is ready for baptism. She`s only scared of falling into her old life again after being baptized. We were teaching about the life after death when she started telling us about a kid she knew that was baptized, but after getting baptized, he messed up big time. She said that that kid eventually became a missionary. We were kind of shocked when she told the story out of no where, but we asked, `` and how does that story help you in your life``. She simply started that if she gets baptized, she`ll be ok. She won`t be perfect, but she will be able to overcome the falls. We invited her to be baptized on the 16th of July. She is very excited because her brother called her after many many years. He`s a member of the church and asked, `` Gloria, when are going to get baptized so you can come here to Lima and enter the temple with me?`` She was shocked by the call and very anxious to see her brother after many years. I learned this week that the Holy Ghost makes us remember things that have happened before to train and help us. 

That`s all for this week. I love you MOM and DAD and FAMILY and FRIENDS!!! I will work with all of my might mind and soul in this work. I love my Savior and will follow Him. 

Elder Jeffery 

Mom asked if there were any foods that Elder Jeffery had missed this was his Reply

Anything with Barbaque sauce, Mexican food tacos burritos enchiladas (except rice, I get a lot of that), any kind of cookie or cake like chocolate chip cookies and cheesecake.  haha I don`t think there is a food that I haven`t missed.

In a letter to Mom Elder Jeffery talks about his goals for his future.

I`m nervous about the life after the mission. I have two goals for the future Mom. They are: 1. Have a buisness that allows me to spend time with the family and serve in the church in whatever way the Lord calls me to and 2. Get married in the temple. I don`t know how I`ll achieve my goals yet... But President Harbertson told me that if I work with all of my might mind and strength here in the mission that I will be able to achieve those goals. I don`t have a clear image of what I should do, but I know that these are my goals for the future.

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