Monday, July 4, 2016

A Boy Like Me

I was walking with an elder in my district yesterday and he asked me what I liked most about the mission. I said, ´´I never thought that my own life would come together so well by serving other people.´´

 We are so busy this week and I´m just loving the khaos. Maria and Abel are getting married in two hours from now and we´ve been running around all day getting everything ready. They get married in the town square where twenty nine other couples will also be getting married. WOW; it´s going to be great! Our pension is in charge of making the cake. The mayor will be marrying all of them. This Saturday is Abel´s baptism and we are so excited for him. His children are also getting baptized. I´m also very excited for Gloria and another investigator, Judith who are planned on being baptized on the 16th!! 
I know that God lives! I don´t know how it all works. How Jesus Christ could take a boy like me and change my heart. I don´t know how God could bless a boy like me and give me experiences that this world can´t explain. I don´t know how the Holy Spirit could council and lift a boy like me up from the dust so many times. I don´t know how, but I know that only God could do so for a boy like me. I love this work!! I´m ready to mantain this wonderful spirit I feel inside me and help many others to feel it and enjoy this life. 

I love you MOM and FAMILY and FRIENDS! I am anxious to see your lovely faces! Let´s go with the P.R.O.S. together!  

Elder Jeffery 

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