Friday, July 15, 2016

City Tour

Look at the beautiful colors of yarn and the plants and roots they came from!
Indigenous Woman showing the different colors of yarn.  

Indigenous Woman with cute child
Indigenous Woman Sewing
Indigenous Woman cleaning wool before dying it

Parasites that live on the cactus that were used to make red dye
Woman demonstrating the cactus that parasites live on 

Seeds and roots that were used to dye the yarn traditionally
Indigenous woman demonstrating how the yarn was dyed.  

Look at all the beautiful yarns that were dyed using plants and roots.

Anna, Paul and Desmon at Salt Terris

Anna and Desmond at the All You Can Eat Buffet

House full of Guinea Pigs

We went on a city tour of Cusco. Gezell our tore guide took us to see some beautiful seanory from the top of Cusco. We could see the beautiful architecture of the pre inkas. We visited a place where inka women showed us how they used the plants and even live paricites from cacti to clean and color alpaca and sheep wool. We then went to a saldonado a salt Terris and saw how the inkas as well as the people today collect salt from the salt water that flows out of mountain. 
We stopped for lunch at an all you can eat Peruvian buffet and were able to try some authentic food such as alpaca, Kenna soup and the best avocado dip and chips I've ever had. 
Next stop was the oldest inka village where we saw the narrow streets and the walls where you could see how the Spaniards built their buildings right on top of the inkas. We were also able visit an original inka home and talk to the lady of the house who lives there with her husband and 2 children not to forget the herd of guinea pigs just roaming free. In the stone hut in this inka village, we saw a mountain the inkas carved to look like a man with a beard. We all can't help but wonder if this important man could be Lehi. 
Exhausted, we boarded a train for Machu Picchu. We arrived late in the dark and were greeted by our tour guide and were taken to our hotel. 

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