Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Touring Cusco

Trip Planner Brother Betho

Representation Of the original Temple of the Sun

Original Inca Door

Cathedral with Giselle our tour guide
We visited some cool cathedrals and inka temples 
They were beautiful. My favorite part however was watching Paul and Desmond talk and laugh in Spanish as they observed the beauty and ahh of the architecture. "Mom"
Representation of the constilations. 

Entrence to an Inka Alter

Inka Alter with lama head entrence 

The Catedral in Cusco
Took 94 years to build, built with stones from the Inca  Temple 

Inside The Cathedral in Cusco
we viewed canvas oil paintings, as well as art work in gold and silver sculptures.  

The Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral. The door has a unique shape. 

The throne the Incan king was carried on 

Different Incan stones 

Qorikancha, The Temple Of the Sun


Saqsaywaman, Royal House Of The Sun

Saqsaywaman, Largest Incan stone 


Cristo Blonco

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