Monday, June 20, 2016

Vaya S.O.L.O

This week my companion and I traveled to Cusco for our last meeting with President Harbertson. And, I have to admitt that it was one of the COOLEST meetings I have had! We got to the mission home in street clothes as Sister Harbertson made sure that everyone applied sunscreen, President said that we`d be going on a trip to a surprise location! He said it`d take about three hours. So, we all hopped into the caravans and headed off. As you can see in the pictures, it was worth the twisty three hour ride.... We finally made it to the Q`eswachak`a Bridge: The Last Incan Bridge still standing. There, President Harbertson gave us a few facts about the bridge. He said that it was a tradition for over 500 years that has been passed down generations, father to son. Every year, they burn the bridge and make a completely new one out of straw like plants weaved together. There are four main ropes that are connected to the mountin rocks. On top of the main ropes there are little sticks that make it possible to walk on the ropes and that`s all connected to two hand grips that help with your balance. We all got to walk accross the bridge two times. I felt as if the little sticks were going to snap, and it suprized me when the bridge seemed to tilt one way or another as I tried to take videos and pictures, not holding onto the hand grips. But, it was sturdy enough to keep me from falling into the deep green river below. President gave us an analogy about the bridge and life after the mission. He said that in the mission, we are on sturdy ground and have been for our whole lives, but after the mission will be the time where we are more self-reliant that ever before. Then, he compared the four main ropes to our theme ``Go with the P.R.O.S.`` If we feel that we are not on our way towards the sturdy ground that we hope for after this life, we must ask ourselves, ``Am I Praying? am I Reading? am I Obeying? am I serving?`` The little sticks come to be the confidence we put into God. If we rely on Him, the P.R.O.S. serve as a path way, and at last the hand grips are our convenants that we must ever hold asure to. If we don`t, we`ll be unbalanced and we`ll fall. This lesson helps me know that we can rely on God by doing these things and will never have to fall into satan`s trap. President gave us a blessing and promise. He said if we do these things EVERY DAY of our lives that we will come to have a prefered life. A successful life. This is what I learned this week! I love you FAMILY AND FRIENDS MOM AND DAD!!! I hope you all had a great father`s Day, especially you DAD. 

Elder Jeffery

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