Sunday, February 1, 2015


 I feel like every week has about the same theme for me. It starts out really challenging, and humbling, and turns out with some type of blessing or miracle. God has definitely been teaching me the trait of patience here in the mission. At first I would always think to myself that I was doing something wrong, and that it was my fault that we weren´t seeing success. But I´m slowely, and still very slowely learning that the trials are there to prepare you for the precious moments. I still get frustrated at times, mostly at myself, but Heavenly Father never gives you trials that you won´t be able to handle, and with the right attitude, your weaknesses become your strengths. We taught the lady that we contacted on monday with her four kids. They live realllyyy far away so we couldn´t pick them up for church on sunday. The lady, named Fidelia, wants all of her kids to come to church. It´s hard when the parent wants the kid to do something, but doesn´t set the example. They didn´t end up coming, but we will continue working with them and try to help them get to the chapel. We taught a man that Elder Matekel and I contacted during my training this week! He would always say "good morning!" to us in English as we ran by. We contacted him and said that we could teach him when he finished building his house. Elder Bejar and I walked by one day and he asked me when we were going to come visit him because he had finished his house. We set an appointment with him, and Elder Pavon and I taught him this week. He lives with his wife and daughter. They are really interested in investigating the church. His other daughter, who actually lives in Florida, is a member in the church, so he´s heard a little about us. This Sunday was one of the most testimony building experiences I have had. We had a lot of investigators who had comitted to come to church. Also, Saturday night, the bishopric called me and asked me to give a talk in church. I decided that I needed to fast. I fasted just for breakfast, but simply asked God to let the investigators that would progress be in church that Sunday. We get to the chapel, I having probably twenty minutes to prepare a talk, waiting at the doors for someone, anyone to show up. Finally, we had to go in to start. I got up and started giving my talk. I don´t know how, but I took up so much time the second counceler had to give me a slip that said ´´time please.´´ haha. I remember my farewell talk and how much I had to prepare, to still fall short in time. I testify of the gift of tounges. So, I finished and went and sat down. I looked at my companion and he started pointing excitedly. I looked over and just saw SIster Mari giving me the thumbs up. So, I continued to look forward. I looked around again and saw them. The family Elder Matekel and I contacted. Carlos, Marisol, and Angela sitting there. I hurriedly got out of my seat and sat with them. Turns out they knew a lady in the ward from forever ago, and met a ton of new friends that day. What a miracle. THey ended up staying the rest of the time, and participated in the classes. I know that my fast worked, and I hope we can continue to progress with this family. I love you all, and hope you continue to have fun through the week! Remember that He is with you in every decision and trial if you just LET him in. 

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