Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Devil's Balcony

 I´m trying to overcome my fears here in the mission also. I´ve gotten a lot braver with dogs. haha I remember the first days of my training, we walked through this dark spot and a dog jumped out and started barking. I jumped behind Elder Matekel. haha He looked at me and said ''did you really just hide behind me?'' haha I´ve gotten a lot better having that a dozen dogs chase towards us every day. I got a new companion today! His name is Elder Pavon. He´s from Paraguay! He speaks spanish, and also a language called Wadani. Everyone in Paraguay is fluent in both languages!! He has eight brothers and sisters. He´s the only member in his family and was baptized three years ago. He got to the mission a change after I did, so he just finished his training. So, we´re both learning! haha I´m still in the same area. This week was good. We taught a less active member named Antoni and his brother Kevin, who is not a member. Kevin is sixteen. I´ve taught them before, but a  long time ago. We were talking about the book of mormon, and decided to challenge Kevin to baptism. I want to get into the habit of challenging people a lot sooner, like the first lesson, second at the latest. Kevin said yes, and seemed really stressed after that. haha but we talked to him and told him htat we are here to help him and if he has any questiopn he can ask for help from us. He´ps a great kid. We are teaching a kid named John, who doesn´t believe in God, but wants to know if He exists. So, he prayed to God. His words when he described his prayer were amazing. He told us that honestly he can´t really describe the feeling he felt, but it was something he had never felt before. Today we had a zone meeting and they talked about contacting. So, when we were walking in the street today after, we saw a lady carrying a big bucket. We asked her if we could help, and walked with her up the hill. I asked her if she had a family, and she said yes, and started talking about them . I then told her that God has created temples in the world today, where we can make promises with God, and have Eternal Families. She listened and was interested, so we got her number, and set an appointment. She was so excited asking if she could bring her kids to church! It was a great experience. I was kind of having a hard time the other day, and decided to read in Preach my Gospel. I wanted to find new people to teach, so I read the section ''How to find people'' or I don´t know what it is in English but something like that.. haha It said to follow the spirit. So, I just said to my companion (Who is super chill with doing anything, it´s so great) Hey let´s go to this person´s house. We started walking, and sure enough, a member was walking by. So, we asked her if she knew anyone who could use a visit. She said she did, so we started walking with her. A lady called to the member and asked her why she was walking with us. She explained, and turns out the lady had been wanting the Elders to teach her for a long time, just had never asked. Today we went on an amazing hike. It was so beautiful. I sent pictures, but honestly doesn´t do justice. I sent one with me and my companion by one of the four waterfalls on the trail. The hike is called ''Balcon del Diablo.'' or ''Devil´s Balcony'' in English. It was so fun. Elder Bird (the white dude in the pictures) and I jumped from rock to rock up the whole canyon. We hike through a river the whole hike until we got to a cave with a balcony really high up above the canyon. The pictures really aren´t that great of the balcony, just cool to go to really. I so want to go on this hike with you guys one day. It was a great day. I love you all and hope that you can keep your eyes open for spiritual experiences every day. I pray for you family and friends and I am so thankful for all the prayers that have been said in behalf of me and my family. It honesly means a lot. Have a great week!! LOVE YOU MOM!!!  

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