Monday, January 12, 2015

Resolving Conflict

THis week I decided that Elder Bejar and I are going to have success. So, I set a lesson this week for every single hour possible. I really don´t know how, but that was my goal, and there it was. We started out the week teaching Yenny (I think I wrote her name as Jeni before, but I was wrong... Sounds like Jeni still though) So, we taught her the Plan of Salvation, and asked her if she would be baptized. SHe Accepted!! We are trying to have a lesson with her and her inactive boyfriend to set a date of marriage. She has a lot of faith, and with some hard work, we will see her baptism. So, we started out this week with a few little arguments. Elder Bird and Yallico were mad at each other, and Elder Bejar and I weren´t exactly friends. We were walking, back to the apartment, and I decided to do the thing I´ve found best with these situations. Talk. So we talked. Talked about Surfing, sports, Soccer, Life, and by the time we go home, everything was cool. But, when we got back, we came in to see Yallico and Bird still mad, sooooo we decided to settle it. Elder Bird bet Elder Yallico that he could do more push-ups than Elder Yallico could do juggles with the soccer ball. THat was a mistake.... haha. If Bird won, Yallico had to contact every family they saw. If yallico won, Bird had to call every single lesson they had. Soooo, Yallico got 210. anddddd Elder Bird got 58. haha. They calmed down after that. We met a man this week, who has such a heart to change. He has his family, but has a drinking problem. His wife keeps asking him when he´s going to change, and he´s trying, but it´s so hard for him. We taught him once, and I hope so very much that we can continue having contact with him. For Elder Bejar´s last week, our goal was to have more lessons with members than he had had. His record was 15 lessons with members. I don´t like looking at numbers for success, but it was motivation for him to work, so it´s cool. We had 12 at the end of Saturday, so we had to get 4 lessons in with investigators with members. First lesson, felll through. Second, also. So we went to the young woman who has a baptism date named, Eva. She usually has a bad attitude about doing anything really, but today, she asked us if she could come to our lessons. So, we went. And got in three lessons. THe whole day I was praying we could get in our four lessons. It was late so I asked Bejar if he wanted to complete the sixteen goal, or go eat dinner. He said he was tired and wanted to eat. haha So, we ate. Elder Bejar is in the office now, getting ready to leave for home! He taught me a lot of patience, and how the mission works. I´m grateful for his service, and hope he can adjust to home life fast. THanks for all you do FAmily and Friends!! Your mission work is just as great and powerful as the work we do here. I have no idea who my companion is or what´s happening to me yet... I have to come back to internet later to see, so i´ll write you and let you know. Love you mom, and hope this week is great!! Pray for those that need your help, I´m praying for you!! 

Love, Elder Jeffery

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