Monday, January 12, 2015

Agent Desmond Jeffery

 I was reading in Alma a couple of weeks ago and the chapter is in my brain at this moment. It´s Alma Chapter 26. I quoted Alma 26:12 in my farewell talk, but after reading the whole chapter here in the mission, I want to go back and just read the whole thing in my talk!! It´s such an inspiration. We started off this week with Interviews with President Harbertson. What spirit filled day! I talked with him about Bountiful, and everything that´s changed since President lived in the Bountiful North Stake when he was my age. And after talked to him about Farmington and the people there that we could think of that we both knew. It´s good to have so much in common. His wife gave an amazing speech about loving your companion. She said something really interesting that  I hve been trying to apply in my life. She quote JEsus When he said that we should have NO Disputations, then she said the way to do this is through Charity. SHe said if we take out emotion there is no disputation. As soon as we through emotion into a decision, we lose control. I know I am trying to apply this concept in my life. So, we were walking in the street when all of a sudden, a drunk man started yelling towards us. Ok ok so what? A drunk dude yelling at us, this is normal day stuff people. But then I noticed his Sister standing there too, maybe had been drinking a little, but she told us that he needed help. He said back that no, she´s the one who needs help. She looked at us and said that her brother is drinking a lot and needs help, so we set an appointment to meet them in the same spot this week on Tuesday. I honestly thought nothing of it, we´ve set appointments with drunk people, and never had a lesson. But, sure enough we went back on Tuesday, and the woman was there. I don´t know if she was waiting for us, but she was there. She saw us, and told us her brother wasn+t there. We asked if we could talk to her a little bit about why we are missionaries. She said yes, and we had a lesson. On Saturday we came back to teach her. She was there waiting, and we went inside. Her brother couldn´t come. She had a lot of questions about prayer and if she could make her brother stop drinking through prayer. It was perfect becasue we had a member there with us who joined the church went on a mission, and because of his example, his family ( who were drinking before) are all now members. God knows his children. I know that through prayer and faith all things are possible. A woman we´re teaching named Jeni is very interested in the church. I think I talked about her last week. She was having thoughts of suicide. But now, she has a desire to go to church, but has to work. She´s trying to get it off, and we are praying for her to find a way to come. Please pray for her. She´s gone through so much and needs this gospel at this time. Marco Uman came to the lesson with us this week and bore his testimony of the church. It was so perfect for her because he has seen many trials, and is more than blessed since he came to the church. My companion goes home in 8 days!! He´s ready. haha poor guy is having the hardest time. President has helped me help him so much. He told me to ask him to help me with my mission, so that he can stay focused on his. It´s working! I´ll have to send pictures when he leaves. I love you Mom, family, and friends!! Have a great week and remember who you are!!

Letter to Desmond From Mariah
Welcome to Mission101 I'm your commander Mariah Jeffery and I will teach you everything you need to know about a mission first that your sister loves you second she misses you third guess what six more months until I'm 12 fourth may the force be with you love you so much agent Desmond Jeffery
 Signing out this is commander Mariah Jeffery email you later PS can't wait to hear back

Letter From Desmond to Mariah 
Reporting to Commander Mariah I repeat Reporting. Stop growing up Commander. I need you to stay young and fresh to teach me how to serve the mission. Mission Impossible is Possible. Remember that Commander. 
Signing out

Agent Desmond Jeffery

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