Monday, February 9, 2015

We Are All Family

This week was full of random events. We started off the week pretty normaly. I´ve been enjoying my time serving with Elder Pavon, and would be happy to stay with him in Cusco for another change if it so be. We started getting along very well, and having great unity in our companionship. We got home from working Wednesday night to Elder Bird telling us that he had news for Elder Pavon. He told Elder Pavon that he was to take a flight to Lima at five in the morning. He had to do a few things with the law to become legal in the country. So, we dropped Elder Pavon off in the airport at five and I went to spend the day with Elder Yallico and Bird. Marco Uman is always looking for opportunities to serve, and helped me by being my companion in the night to visit a few people. We thought that Elder Pavon would be gone for the rest of the week, but turns out he came back that night. We have been concentrating our work in our two investigators, Juana and John, trying to help them prepare to be baptised. John has a few doubts about the restoration, but I hope we can help him resolve them.
This week I had a great spiritual experience. We had a lesson with Juana reviewing the lessons with her. It is really a testimony of the spirit to me that she remembers all of what we have taught. She knows more quechua than spanish, and has had operations on her head, and still remembered the basics of the lessons. She started crying in the middle of the lesson, telling us some of the many problems that she has between her family. I told her not to worry, because we are also her family, and that we are ALWAYS going to be there for her. She looked up at me and my companion and asked us to please not stop our lessons after baptism. SHe was worried that we would stop caring for her after she got baptised. We asured her that we and the members of the ward would always be there. The Uman Family have literally been their brothers and sisters with her through this whole experience, and have such love for her. I am so glad to have a gospel that answers all of the hard questions in life. John was very excited to come to church when we taught him on Saturday, but when we went to pick him up, he acted strange, and said he couldn´t come. We will continue working with him, and I really hope that he can continue to change. Our first lesson with him, he didn´t believe in God. Now he has accepted baptism, and know that the doubts he has can be resolved just like his doubts of God were resolved. I love you Mom, and know that you are always praying for me. I am always thinking and praying for you, and hope that I can come back as a new person through the grace of Jesus Christ. I´m far from perfect, and far from perfectly obedient, but I will work every day to get closer to being so. Thank you to everyone who is serving in their wards, and know how much it helps the missionaries in your area. Have a great week!! 
Love, Elder Jeffery

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