Monday, February 23, 2015

Juana Baptism

Soooooooo, I don´t have a change.... haha still chillin here in Cusco with Elder Pavon! I was almost sure I would be leaving, but I guess I am supposed to stay here! 

This Sunday we had the baptism of Juana. I was so excited for her. She had so much faith that when she came out of that water she would be healed physically and spiritualy. I saw how nervous she was and was praying that what ever happened, she could be content with knowing this was the right decision. Marco Uman, a recent convert, performed the baptism. When Juana came out of the water, she started crying. Honestly, we didn´t know if it was from pain, or joy or what. After the service, she told us that when she was going down, she thought she was going to die. But, when she came out of the water, she knew that her pains would go away eventually, and that she had finally been baptized in the Lord´s church. She might not have been physically healed instantly, but she received the comfort that she could bear her pains. It reminds me of Mosiah 24 and the people of Nephi who make a convenant with God, and though they don´t leave the prison right away, they are helped in their trials. 

I love hearing from you all and I better get a video or pictures of Angelyn playing in her Laccross game!!! She´s going to tear it up!! Have a great week!! 
Love, Elder Jeffery

Pig in Cusco

Juana, Carla and Oscar Baptism

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