Monday, February 23, 2015

Voice in the Mountain

Wow, honestly every girl I know is getting a call!! I just assumed everyone would be married when I got back, but looks like everyone will just be getting back from the mission! haha Wow, Valentines day! and dance! They have valentines day here, but it was the same as any other day honestly.... Couples in the park, benches, street, and every other place displaying their public affection. grosssss. 

We started out this week focusing on contacting, and receiving references. We made little papers for people to fill out with one reference of someone they know after praying to know who they should invite to partake of the fruit of the gospel. Before this week, I was honestly scared to contact people. This week changed my perspective. There are definatly still people who don´t want to accept our message, but there are so many that are willing to listen, and even want to. 

On Thursday Elder Bird got really sick. He´s had the same problem for a lot of his mission, and spent two weeks in the hospital before he came to our sector. He says he´s going to stay in Cusco his whole mission, because if he goes anywhere else, he´s probably just die. haha I spent a lot of the day on Friday going to the hospital with him, taking samples to finally see what´s up with his stomach. 

Juana had her interview this week for her baptism next week. She has so much faith, and even said she will sell her chickens if she has to in order to pay her tithing. This week my goal is to do anything possible to help her in her situation. She needs help in so many ways. She fell down the hill where she lives all the way to the bottom, with rocks and everything. This is the second time this has happened to her. The first time, she broke many bones falling down. This time, in the form of a miracle, she only hurt her head a little, and her hand. But still, she needs some kind of medical attention. But, she doesn´t have the money to do so. We are planning to do a service project to clean up her house, and find some new stuff for her. Marco Uman accepted our invitation to baptize her

The same night of her interview, Elder Yallico and I went to a man named Oscar´s house. He lives in a canyon of dirt way far away where there is no light. He and his family are getting baptized the same day as Juana. He lives with his three children. His daugher and him are getting baptized. There was no sign of life or light when we got there, so we sat in the dark yelling his name for about ten minutes. Randomly, his dogs appeared, and we heard the voice of a little girl saying, ´´Elder!´´ We started yelling Oscar and his daugher´s names. But, for about five minutes, nothing. This voice came from the mountain, which is on the complete opposite side of his house. Suddenly, a light appeared from Oscar´s house and Oscar came over to talk to us. We asked him and his daughter if they said Elder or anything. They looked at us confused and said that they just woke up, and had said nothing.   We then realized that Oscar nor his daughter had said it, and it had come from an outside source.... Sppooookkkyyyy. The rest of the night, especially walking for 20 minutes in the dark in the boondocks, we kept looking back into the darkness. haha It was pretty creepy. 

Well, I´m glad you had a good busy week family! I am blessed to be out here in Cusco! My guess is that you will be receiving news of me going somewhere different, but I have no idea honestly. Thank you for keeping me going, and for all of your great support! I love you all and am always praying for you!! Have a great week!

Elder Jeffery

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