Sunday, October 26, 2014

Elder Paparazzi

 Believe it or not this week has been kind of rough! It´s all good, but I don´t know, I´m just having a hard time being in tune with the spirit, and my spanish hasn´t progressed much this week. It´s been one of those humbling weeks that I know will help me progress. I miss all of you! So, we were going into a recent convert member´s house when a big group of old white tourist mormons yelled ELDERS!! We turned and they all waved at us like we were in a parade. They Yelled again. COME HERE!! So, we walked over. They talked with us forever and gave us each 10 soles. haha they told us they had Resess pieces for our whole district. Our district being four people, we all got about ten packages of Resess. haha They all wanted to take a picture with us, and tell us all about their missions and their sons´missions. haha it was hilarious. They also gave us both baseball shirts from america! haha I´ll wear mine today and take a picture of it and send it next week. So, I´m sorry again, but I honestly haven´t taken pictures this week or last... Not much has gone on! But, we´re probably going to the plaza which looks like spain today, so I´ll be sure to send a ton next week! So one night this week after planning, Elder Matekel and I had what he called ´´father and son campout´´ haha because, he is my ´´dad´´ on the mission. It was funny. We got all of our blankets and watched the district. haha I started watching 17 miricles and it´s cool to see sister wadley! oh I have like 12 blankets now, but still no pillow. haha because we just got 10 matresses stacked in our apartment with blankets because it´s exchanges this week so elders are sleeping over one night. Love you all and thanks for all the support. Mom, can you send me a chocolate cookie recipe? Me and Hermana Mari (our pension) want to make some! She´s never had them!! 

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