Friday, October 10, 2014

"Most spiritual week I´ve had in my life"

This week has honestly been the most spiritual week I´ve had in my life. It started off with an appointment we had with an investigator named Hyde. Her husband is an inactive member of the church, and her and her three kids aren´t baptized. One of my first lessons on the mish was with her, but through the week she hadn´t progressed at all. That all changed on Tuesday. As we started talking to her, I noticed something different about her. Turns out, she had had a dream after praying about the church. This surprized us, being that she had told us in an annoyed mannor that we should come back next week because she didn´t have time. In her dream, there were two paths. One where her and her husband divorce, and many more htings she said were too sad to say. There was a man in white robes telling her the other path would make her happy, and and that this church was the only way to this path. Isn´t that super legit!? Elder Matekel explained Lehi´s dream to them, and we invited her to baptism. She said she needs time to prepare, but that she will. To top off this amazing day, we had cake for every meal! HAHA! It was our ¨mamicha´s´´ birthday and our other pensionista´s daughters birthday too. We bought ÇMamicha a cake that said ´´eat sister´´ in ketchua. ahaha 
The next family we met this last week that has awed us with faith is the Unam family or as we call them La Familia de Oro we met them at our church on sunday as the just happen to come try it out. THey endured my lesson I taught, and still stayed for the next meeting, so already we can see how sold these folks are. We taught them the Restoration that folling saturday. Marco, the father has diabetes, and was in pretty bad shape. We have him a blessing. This was last saturday. This Thrusday, they called saying marco is in the hospital. on saturday, they asked us to come see them. Marco was on iv with something breathing for him, unconcious. They wre al in tears. I was scared to say anything, but prayed that somehow they could feel comport. We all wre outside when a member from another ward recongnized the Elders, and came over. Marco´s wife, Recarda asked for us to call the bishop to perform a marrige becasue they weren´t legally married she was afreaid she ould never see her husband again. Oh boy did we have an answer for her! This member calmed her down, bore her testimony, and pretty much commited Recarda and her daughter to baptism. We talked about temples and the daughter said she had work on sudanys. My comp asked her what she could do. She said get another job. BOom! Thsi family is amazing! My comp even told them that they have more faith than any other fam he had seen on the mission! WE visited them agian that night, and Marco is supposed to crecover in 3 or 4 days. Saturday was so busy we didn´t even have time for dinner! But, I was never heven hungry being too busy to think about food! We taught a Hermana Mayuri another investigator also, and something happened to me that has never befoer. I bore my testimony about clear answers that the gospel brings. My chest literally got hot. Being cold from rain, it was an amazing feeling. Literally my chest got as I talked. We taught a man who goes to church every week and is never been baptized. He´s one of those educational smart stubborn types of people. He was getting kind of heated in discussion. I stopped him and told him we could talk all day, but if he doesn´t just read the book of mormon, he there is no one who could know if this is true without an answer from god. He just stared at the ground for a few moments. If he felt what I did in that moment, he knows what he has to do, and I pray he does. The gospel answers all our problems! Every persons situation, trial, anything! It knows all! So, besides the spiritual stuff, another miricle..... We have hot showers!!!! annnndddd a toilet see!! Wow, how I Took both these things for granted! best shower of my life honestly. So, if you wanna buy any movie in the world for 5 soles or $1.70 and this is blu ray, come here. Lots of elders buy tons of movies right before they go home.  WE went to the ruins where the incans lived before machupichu! I´ll send pics!

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