Sunday, October 19, 2014

Kissing vs Baptism Invitation

 it's spring here! and it's starting to rain a lot more. It pours, but i'm so used to cold rain that I hardly wear a jacket ,a nd im warm becasue the rain is pretty warm. So, I forgot to say that last sunday was the last day of the 3 month long elections of the president for peru. It gets pretty crazy during this time, and having a meeting is illegal, so we could only go out if we had a fixed appointment, and we had to be in p day clothes with no plaque! So, we invited one of our investigators, Hyde, to baptism this week. Elder Matekel had me send the invitation. Before he told me it was like going in for a kiss, and you had to just be confident and not seem nervous. haha I asked her, and she told us yes kind of but, it wasn´t a for sure. She still needs to read and study and pray she said. Which is good! But, after I told Elder Matekel. ´´Hey man, I´ll tell you what. That was wayyyyy harder than going in for a kiss.´´ hahaha This week I had the opportunity to go on divisions with Elder Yallico. He speaks hardly any english. This gave me an awesome opportunity to be a leader. I had to lead everywhere we went and everything we did. It was hard, but it was actually a lot less stressful in some ways because I didn´t have to think when it was my turn to speak. I was forced to speak first always. It was cool! we watched conference this week, and I loved the talk about ''Lord, is it I?'' I want to see myself with out making any excuses so that I can change more and more every day. 

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