Sunday, October 5, 2014

Black Potato

I totally went to a wedding this week! We went to visit an investigator, and totally walked into their wedding thing at their house! We ate these potatoes there called chuno. They are black, and they taste like the look. They´re firmented potatoes. Super nasty. So, I was trying to talk to the people there, get some practice with Spanish, and as we were leaving,  I was trying to say nos vemos which means See you later, butI was like, Bienvenido! Which means welcome in Spanish haha so they were all pretty confused, and we all just started laughing. haha The people here are awkward when we can´t communicate well. They don`t really know how to handle it, but I just try to laugh about it, and it usually works out. This week has been hard, but it´s a mission, and it´s supposed to be hard! We set a baptismal date for one of our investigators and her son, paula and farjed. We want to start giving her husband the lessons too but havent been able to catch him home. There are sooooo many drunk dudes out in the streets at night. Usually they say something about mormons as we pass. One guy told us he was mormon and told us about joseph smith. Another dude started talking to us and my companion pretended he didn´t know any spanish. He told us about his house in heaven, and god. My companion randomly started speaking spanish to the guy. haha he was confused. he started getting in our faces so I yelled ¨corre!´´ or ´´run!´´and he wabbled away. this p day I am chillin with my friend Elder Henderson, who has gone through the ccm with me and we see each other at zone conference so we´re pretty tight! My companero es at Machu pichu right now!!! You get to go one time on your mission. But, you have to pay for it. We are allowed to save up our money for personal items we get each month. I want to save up as much as I can before I go! you can go any time you want on the mission! I have to buy a pilllow with some of the money I get this next month cause I still don´t have one haha but I want to save enough so we dont have to use our own money!  So my companion really makes me work. He always tells me that he knows he´s hard on me, but that he´s training me to be better than he is. I had to teach a whole sunday school class this week. I get thrown into a ton of stuff, but I´m so glad. Some of the other elders tell me that their comps don´t speak spanish to them much and they only bear their testimony´s in lessons. I teach whole and if not half the lesson. It´s realllyyy hard, but if I can get good at it now, I know it will prepare me for the future.  tell everyone you see that They´re awesome for me! haha LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

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