Monday, March 28, 2016

A Walk Down A Dusty Road

Ok, so this week has been great! Last week we were walking down the dusty road when a young lady said hi to us as she was sweeping her porch. We started talking with her, and set an appointment. We came back a few days later and talked with her, and her sister. Their names are Sandra and Winnie. They`re 18 and 19 years old. So, we thought we`d go to the appointment with a sister named Katy Mora who`s a return missionary and has their same age. We talked with them and asked them if they believed in God. They said that they did, so we asked if they believed in Jesus Christ. Winnie said no, and Sandra wasn`t sure. They had been studying to be baptized in the Jehova`s witnesses`s church, and were confused. We talked a bit, and they came to church with Katy. All of the classes just happened to be all about the atonement, being Easter. They felt great in the chapel. We talked a little more this week about the Plan of Salvation, and they accepted to be baptized on April 23! They said that they want to follow Jesus Christ and have faith in Him. Katy Mora told us that they started talking with Katy after the lesson, and were all worried about what they needed to buy to get ready for their baptism. She laughed and said that they didn`t need to buy anything. We recieved a reference from them named Rocio. Rocio and her daughter started asking us many GREAT questions after reading a pamphlet about the Restoration. They asked, ``who is Joseph Smith, and what`s the book of mormon.`` ``How can I read this book`` The daughter wanted to know which of the churches could lead her to prepare for the second coming! Wow, I am so excited for them because I know that through and only through our message singualar that we share that they can truly come to the truth!! 

I love you MOM and DAD and SISTERS and BROTHER and FAMILY and FRIENDS!!! I am thankful for all of the great testimonies of Chirst that you have ALL sent to me, and want to respond to every single one, but I don`t have enough time becasue i was to interested in reading all of your beautiful testimonies of the atonement, our Savior Jesus Chirst. 

Elder Jeffery at the Zoo
Elder Jeffery

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