Monday, March 14, 2016

´But, the most important thing is what Elder Jeffery understands about the atonement, and he will explain it to his son.´´

Well, this week has been rainy. It rained three days straight without stopping. A part of our sector was completely flooded and the people had to evacuate their homes for a few days waiting for the jungle´s sun. I really like when it rains because it´s not hot. 

This week I had the great privilage to have lunch with Elder Costa, a member of the quorom of the seventy. After lunch, he finished talking with the District President and turned to me and my companion. He said something that really impacted me. He said: ´´In the Book of Mormon, Lehi wrote what he understood about the atonement, and then taught it to his son, Nephi. Nephi then wrote what he understood about the atonement and then taught it to his son, Jacob. Jacob then explained what he understood about the atonement.´´ He went on with a few other names and examples of the Book of Mormon, and then looked at me and said, ´´But, the most important thing is what Elder Jeffery understands about the atonement, and he will explain it to his son.´´ 

I´m learning a lot about the importance of the gospel in everything we teach as missionaries. We had a few lessons with some investigators, teaching the law of chastity and the sabbath day. We simply reminded them that in order to live the gospel and therefore apply the atonement one must have enough faith to come to the chapel even though there are things to do, and that repentance is also required in this life, so in order to be baptized they must get married. They understood why and realized that they need to live the gospel in their lives. That family, Abel and Maria came to church yesterday and are have plans to get married and Baptized! Abel no is a member nor his two children, Marianet and Oscar. I am thankful for the atonement. We had one investigator ask why he needed to have faith in Jesus Christ, because he`d heard of people who had had faith in many other objects and people. I am glad that I could testify to him and say that there is no other person or object that can take upon my sins and leave me clean from the stains of this world. Only faith through Jesus Christ and his Atonement will bring us eternal joy. Our investigator, Juan Carlos, is learning about Christ and decided that he too wants to know for himself of the atonement of Christ. 

I am excited for this week that comes. It`s a pleasure to be a missionary of a true church! Have a great week MOM and FAMILY and FRIENDS.

Elder Jeffery

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