Wednesday, August 27, 2014


So, I had tons of ups and downs with Spanish this week. I had a few Latino Elders laugh at me the whole time I tried to teach them a lesson. I admitt it was a pretty rocky lesson for me, but it made me pretty discouraged about it. So, the next day I decided I would forget that day, and move on. I did, and I ended up having an awesome day, teaching a lesson, and getting a compliment from the teacher we taught. Every time I feel like I´m doing bad, God finds a way to keep me going. One of the highlights of this week was going out teaching on the street. So, I ended up going to the same area I did last time. I got lucky again, and had a companion that speaks English and Spanish. The only Latino in the CCM that could speak both. It was his first time. So, while we were out there, I recognized one of the guys I had seen on the street last time! We had breifly shared him a message, and gave him a pamphlet the first time we met him. He recognized me, and came over. He told us that he had met with the missionaries because we gave him the folleto, and wanted to know more!!! It´s was awesome to see someone take our invitation to meet with the missionaries! On Sunday Elder Day and I were assigned to be Zone Leaders. We officially start today, and will stay over our zone until we leave. I honestly don´t know exactly what I do yet, but hey, if they want me to do it, I´m game! We did introduce ourselves to everyone last night, and told them that we´ll come around at 10:30 to make sure everyone´s lights are out and going to bed. Now I´ll tell you some of the random fun stuff we did so you know that this place isn´t just a serious no fun gospel prison camp. So, this kid named elder whitlock fell asleep in our classroom, and we started whispering in his ear different things. We told him a story and he actually moved his hand and feet when we told him to. It was so wierd!!! We told him after, and he laughed way hard. He also remembered the story we told him. Me and Elder Day were upstairs getting something in our room, and noticed all the guys that left for the field left their pamplets here. So, we collected about 250, and got 105 Castidad folletos and put them in this giant display in the new kids rooms. Everyone came in to see the work of art. haha they came in last night saw it, and laughed. It was great. I officially have a Peruvian Visa now, so I´m not coming back to North America for quite a while!! One thing that really stuck out to me this week was humility. Christ was considered the least among some people. Even killed out of hatred. But none the less, Christ was and did the greatest thing for us all. He was the greatest example yet, was treated like the least. Every soul has potential. Potential to literally be a God. The trick is to trust in God more than yourself. Because only then can we be living our full potential. Alma 26:12 still pops into my mind every day telling me to trust in the lord and never fear. I love you Mom, you and the family are in all of my thoughts and prayers!! I love and hate writing these emails and reading!! so hard, but so neccessary!! Love you all!
Elder Jeffery
To Angelyn
Well, Lima is a dump. I mean it´s big and lots of people, but there´s trash everywhere, and stray dogs and on the mountains, It´s just houses made of sheet metal stacked all the way up the mountain. They make buildings on the side of mountain sides. Like drill out rock and stick it on there. And every single house has electric fence or spikes on top. Even the MTC looks like a prison because the walls are so high with spikes on top.

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