Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Three Nephites Sightings

 Ok, so this week went by so fast. The coolest thing that happened was something our teacher told us. Hermano Velasques is the coolest guy ever. He was bearing his testimony to us about his mission, and he said, "su mision es difacil, su vida ser facil, pero su mision es facil, su vida ser difacil." that problably didn´t translate exactly, but I understood it when he said it! haha pretty much, he said, "If your mission is difficult, your life will be easy. But if your mission is easy, your life will be difficult." He went on to tell us some incredible mission stories of his. One of them was of a time he was tracting, and they got to this lady´s house. She opened the door, and said, oh hi are you here to teach another lesson? They were confused and said they had never been there before. She said yes you have, but there were three of you last time, and they were big and strong. He told us a few more stories with different apperances of three other strong men, and bore his testimony about the three nephites. It was incredible, and the spirt was so strong. I bought a fanny pack from the temple store for carrying things more securely? (I can´t spell anymore uhhhhh seguridad?) it has the temple sewn into it, and it is sooooo me you have to see it. I can´t send pictures anymore because the last group that came through broke a few rules making it not allowed anymore. I wen´t to the temple this morning, that´s why I´m not on at my normal time, but oh man was it cool. It was in spanish, and I had a headset on, but some things we had to say in spanish which was awesome!! So, yesterday about half of the whole CCM went down with the runs. One kid was in el baño for almost 6 hours. I had it yesterday pretty bad, but I feel totally fine today. But, instead of soccer I just chilled and played ping pong. So, Elder Day and I were reading for personal study outside and I was in Jacob 5, and was kinda just skimming through because it seemed impossible to understand. I had a prompting to ask Elder Day about it (him being a smart dude) but just went on. It came again, so I just asked if he knew what it was saying. He said he just finished it and was wondering the same thing. So, we read it out loud to each other, and figured it out. It was such a great spiritual experience, and turns out, it has a lot of cool stuff in the chapter! So, we have a fruit here called grenedias (idk spelling) and you cut it in half, and inside there are seeds and goop that literally looks like fish eggs and boogers. No joke. And the inside has little spikes that look like sea earchen things or something. They are sooooo good though!!!! When we were out on the street shopping I saw some school kids playing soccer, and went over to them while everyone was taking pictures by the temple. I started passing and juggling, and they were amazed that this gringo could play. haha. I love the people here. My room is right next to a Latino room, and one started knocking on the wall right where I sleep. So, I knocked back. They all wanted to try so they all started knocking at me. It was almost time for bed, so I went into their room and pointed at all of them like I was mad, and they all pointed at each other. And one yelled No mi estudiar!! haha so, I pointed with two fingers at my eyes and then at each ones eyes and they all burst out laughing. So, we´re all good friends now, and they are trying to teach me this Latin pop song that they all love haha it´s great. So, did you email this week mom? Cause if you did it did´t come through... Alright I love all of you, and dad I can´t wait till I can write you in Spanish without taking half of my tiempo trying. haha love you guys so much and can´t wait to hear from you all!!!

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