Wednesday, August 13, 2014


 Elder Day and Elder Jeffery first companion
 Arriving in Lima 4:00am

 I´m so glad everyone is doing great and life is great!! So, my district of 12 missionaries have come so close. We all weird and crazy. It´s a great time. My english is getting worse already I can tell. I speak spanglish now. Every time I say an English word a spanish one pops into my head. I feel like I am in the twighlight zone here in the CCM. Every day goes by so crazy fast. I´m almost half way done here. So, the best part about this last week was teaching people on the street. It was a blast. I went with a kid named Elder Naranjo. He´s fluent in both English and Spanish. Which was a huge blessing. I bore my testimony a few times, but one man we met was from New York and spoke english. So, I got to teach him a mini lesson about our church. It was great. Then we happened upon an inactive member of the church that let us into their house. I was impressed to bear my testimony to them, but I couldn´t say what I wanted to in spanish. So, I did it in english. It was a great spiritual experience. We have so many spiritual experiences here. So, fast sunday I was worried too because they don´t even give you any option of food to eat. Turned out though, I wasn´t even hungry the whole day! When you fast for a real purpose, with real intent, the Lord honestly picks up the rest. Just throw yourself into the gospel and he will bless you. Sundays here are super sundays. It´s so spiritual. It´s so much more meaningful when it applies to you that much more. I´ve already gain so much more of a testimony about the church. I´ve learned a lot about the great apostasy. The church just makes sense. Everyday I get a stronger testimony in my mind and in my heart. It makes soooo much sense. I don´t understand how you can see this gospel not be true. Everything is a testimony of it. There is so much truth to it. I will take picture of the market today for you guys so you can see what lima acuallly looks like. It´s huge, and crazy. I love you guys so much and miss you all!!!! Mom, you´re the best!!! Love you, and love hearing your stories so please keep it up!!

At the Lima Temple

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  1. Querido Elder Jeffery,

    Me animo que te estas aclimando a tu nueva vida misional. Tendras experiencias que guardaras por toda la vida. Algunas seran buenas y algunas seran dolorosas, pero ayudaran a formarte como el hombre el Senor intiende que seas. Espero que aprendas la importancia de servir la gente en Peru tanto a tus companeros. Disfruta tu tiempo en el MTC, disfruta Peru, y disfruta la obra del Senor.

    Tu tio,