Thursday, September 4, 2014

Keep Going

Hey, tell Teran and the family I say Hi and I love them!! So, this week I have grown to love my teacher here named Hermano Velasquez. We acted out the story of nephi and the brass plates in spanish.  I decided to speak to my teacher a ton more trying to learn spanish. Ít¨s helping a lot! I´ve been having a hard time feeling the spirit while teaching invesigators becasue I have to focus so much on my Spanish. I told my teacher, and he said to speak with my heart, and not with my mind. I took his advice in our next lesson with our "investigator" and felt I should ask Alonzo if he wanted to get baptized. He said yes, and it gave me more confidence in my spanish and being able to feel the spirit. So, all the peruvians here call me "futbol soccer Jeffery" haha It´s a blast playing out on the field every day. It´s probably one of the few things I´m going to miss about this place! haha I can´t wait to get out to the field!! I know it will be so much harder, but I´m ready for anything! Hermano Velasquez bears his testimony and shows us clips of prophets and apostles speaking to missionaries. Those meetings are where I have felt the strongest spirit of my life. I want to share one of the quotes with you. It´s from Spencer W. Kimball. It says, "If only you could see the vision I have. I wish I had your bodies to do this work. I would run form house to house telling everyone the gospel, and after I lost strength to run I would begin to walk, and afterI collapsed from walking, I would begin to crawl, and after my knees were so bloody that I could not use them, I would use my arms to drag myself, and once my muscle in my body was gone I would begin to yell... oh, only if you could see the vision that I have." I want that drive. I ´want to be able to keep going no matter what happens. Dang, sorry I wish I had more time on this thing. I wanna write you all but idk if i have time. It´s crazy.  Tell everyone that is leaving I say hi and good luck and to write!!! I love you mom!!!

To Dad
So, this week my friend Elder Jentzen cut my hair, and I was really scared he would mess it up, and it remimded me of when I tried to cut my own hair haah. But, he actually did a super good job!!! he has a haircut called a "part" and it look super cool and he gave me one, so now I have a part too!

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