Monday, May 16, 2016

The Power Of The Plan Of Salvation

Firstly, I want to say that I smiled when I read this letter from my MOM because you are learning what I am learning! That missionary work is a way of life, and that you´re living it! I never realized how much I could do for the people around me until I traveled ten hours in an airplane, learned a language, and started talking to strangers. But, there were so many people there in Bountiful Utah that also needed help! Thank you for your letters Mom and Dad about Priesthood and Missionary Work!! 

This week I learned a little more about the Plan of Salvation. I didn´t learn much doctrine, but I learned that the people outside of the church are deprived of the perfect plan of God. We contacted a lady and her mother as we bought water in their store. They told us that they were Adventists ( I think that´s what it is in English) but that they were willing to hear our message. We set another appointment and when we showed up just the daughter was there with her son. We asked her what makes her happy in this life. She said that nothing makes her happy, only her son. She then started to tear up and said that she lost her little boy in the hospital a year ago. She said that she is mad with God, and that no one can answer the questions she has in her heart. She said that she´d looked everywhere! She´d prayed to ask God to let her know why this had to happen to her, and then searched in many churches and every inspirational quote you can find on Facebook. Well, we told her that God truely does answer prayers, and that we have a message that will bring a lot more peace than any inspirational quote on Facebook. We will visit her again this week to expain more about the Plan of Salvation and why these things happen to us on earth. After, we visited a mother with three of her children and a few grandchildren. We started the lesson by saying that we could feel the love that she had for her children, and asked how many children she had. She started crying immediatly and said that she had seven, but that one had passed away a year ago before he had 31 years. She said that she was confused and that she didn´t know what to do or where to go. We told her that she´d see her son again. We said that she would see him again as she´s obedient to God. We explained that we proclaim repentance and baptism. She said that she was alllll good with the whole repentance thing, but that she was already baptized. We showed a picture of Jeus´s baptism and talked a little sharing a scripture in Mark 10: 38 and 39. and asked her if she thought she could be baptized like Jesus did. She said yes and that she wanted to keep hearing our message. 

Well, that´s all I have to say!! I love you FAMILY FRIENDS and MOM and DAD!! 

Elder Jeffery

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