Monday, May 9, 2016

I'm Very Happy

This week i honestly don`t know what to say.... haha I mean It`s been a great week, but it was just yesterday that I talked with all of you on Skype. It was great to see Dennis, Donna, Ashton, Dolly, Justin, Grandma, Grandpa, Kloe, Mariah, Angelyn, Ezra, Dad and Mom! I loved your questions, and sorry I couldn`t hear all of you very well, but I love you ALL!! 

We`ve been trying to work alot closer to the branch members here to help the district grow. We`ve been asking lots of references from the members and trying to excite them to do missionary work. It`s been pretty fun to watch the members get excited and see how a lot of them react. There was one leader that, for whatever reason, did NOT want to give my companion and I a reference. He said that he had references, but for whatever reason, didn`t want to give us their information. So, as we talked with him on his porch, we decided that if he didn`t want to give us a reference, We`d make up our OWN reference. We contacted his neighbor as she opened her door to leave with her brother. We started talking with her, and asked her if she knew her neighboor and she looked over to him as we called him over to talk with us. So, we set an appointment with her at the members home. He knocked on her door on Sunday to remind her of church at 8. We were very happy to see her walk in on Sunday. 

I`m very happy and enjoying the time I have as a representative of Jesus Christ! I want to enjoy every moment. I am happy for what I`m learning and for the opportunity that I have had to see so many people change their lives because the came to understand that God loves them, and that Jesus Christ already suffered the price. I love you MOM and DAD and FAMILY and FRIENDS!!! 

Elder Jeffery

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